Considerations When Purchasing A 3D TV System

3D TV Experience

One of the most popular electronics of today is the 3D Television. It is easy to see why; being able to feel like you are inside of the movie can be a thrilling experience. However, with the current state and price of the technology, is it right for you? This article focuses on the top considerations of purchasing a 3D TV system. You will discover the pros and cons of having one, and even gain better insight into the price of accessories for the systems.

When you consider a 3D TV, you really need to take into consideration the quality of the 3D picture. Some models perform better than others, but they also tend to cost much more. The availability of 3D movies is also an important factor when choosing to purchase one.

2D Quality

Because most of the content you will watch will be standard 2D picture quality, your 3D TV should perform better than a regular TV while viewing 2D programs. If it is great for 3D movies but lacks quality for 2D, you will be stuck with a TV that you will hardly use or get much enjoyment from.

Extra Costs

Most 3D TVs require you to purchase accessories, such as the 3D glasses. Coupled with the high cost of the TV, accessories can cause your total bill to be far more than you originally planned to pay. Although some of the newer 3D models are able to get the 3D effect without having the glasses, they typically cost much more. On top of that, your 3D viewing area is often limited to directly in front of the TV.

Overall, your bottom line should be how well can the 3D TV perform for both mediums. When you purchase the new 3D TV, you will want to make sure that it offers just as many benefits for your 2D viewing pleasure as it does for the 3D, because the majority of your content will be in 2D. This will be true until the technology becomes more widespread, and the production cost of 3D material comes down to a more reasonable level.

Many 3D TVs ship with some standard materials for your viewing pleasure. Before you make your final decision, try to find a deal that offers you the most content. As prices for 3D movies tend to be more than costs of other movies, this can save you a lot of money in the end. It can also be extremely useful to find a 3D TV that offers many expansion ports, such as HDMI, S-Video, and VGA ports; in case you ever decide to connect your computer to your TV. With so many devices being connecting to your TV, these ports will always be useful and can make tidying up the wires simple.

3D Movies

When considering the price of 3D movies vs. traditional movies, you will find that the price is quite a bit higher. This is understandable, as it requires much more equipment to film the movie as well as software and editing crews to produce the final picture. Some agencies are reporting that it costs at least 52% more to produce a 3D movie over the cost of a standard 2D picture.

With so many considerations going into buying a 3D TV, it can seem like a complex choice. However, as the products become more common, prices will fall. You will gain many great features by having a 3D TV system, so it just might be worth the research to find one that fits all of your needs. If you find that the prices are still a little too much for you at this time, wait a few months. Armed with this new knowledge, you will be able to make the best buying decisions before you go shopping.

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