3D Smartphones

Coming Soon To Your Smartphone – 3D Viewing

New technology will soon make it possible to watch 3D movies on your smartphone without straining your eyes.

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Connect Your iPod to Your TV

iPod Television Connector: 6 Steps To Connect Your iPod

With An IPOD television connector, you can be watching on a larger-sized screen in no time! Just follow these 6 easy steps!

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Buying a tv

Gimmicks to Avoid When Buying an HDTV

Don’t fall for these HDTV gimmicks that can have you opening your wallet and wasting money on your new TV.

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wall mounted TV

Wall Mounting A Flat Panel Television

Buying a new huge diameter flat screen television can be exciting, but many times, when you get it home, you realize that you don’t have a spot to put it.

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Wireless Surround Sound Systems

Wireless Surround Sound – No More Cabling Of Your Speakers?

Are these wireless surround sound kits reliable enough for real-world applications and do they get rid of the dreaded cable clutter?

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Tips for Buying LED Televisions

Since the advent of high definition television, there has been a race to better picture quality, resolution, dynamics: basically, everything that enhances the watching experience!

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Watching TV

What Do I Need To Think About When Getting A New TV?

If you want a new TV then there is some new technology on the market you really need to consider.

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wall mounted hdtv

To Mount Your HDTV To The Wall, Know These Steps

Having your flat panel TV on the wall acts as a focal point and it also opens up quite a lot of valuable space in the room.

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Wall Installation Mounting Tips

It’s fairly quick to set up your LCD TV installation if you read these tips beforehand to get you started.

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Satellite Direct

Watch TV On Your PC For Free

Provided you have access to broadband Internet you can find software that you can download on your PC that will connect to over 3,500 TV stations from around the globe on-line.

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