Review of The Panasonic TX-P50S10


Panasonic TX-P50S10

What good is the technology that HDTV’s deliver when some sectors within the society can’t afford to have them in their homes? Aside from bringing cutting-edge electronics, Panasonic also knows how to listen to its buyers. For this reason, the Panasonic TX-P50S10 has been launched in the marketplace.  This television, from the VIERA collection of HDTV’s, is affordable and yet it keeps abreast of the competition.

It’s quite understandable for the organization to take out a few functions here and there. This really is inevitable to bring the manufacturing cost down, and make it affordably priced. But the ones that were taken out are something buyers could live without anyway. The TX-P50S10 nevertheless has the essentials of what a superb High Definition TV is all about.

That’s why it’s not surprising that this gem can really live up to, and even outshine, its costly competitors.

The secret to this HDTV’s superb performance is within the V-Real Pro 3, which is carried by all of Panasonic’s VIERA models. This processor is an evolution of what was supposed to become limited to HD camcorders. All of the extraordinary points you see about the TX-P50S10’s self-illuminating display panel is simply because the V-Real Pro 3.

The self-illuminating LCD panel, when brought to life, gives the VIERA collection of HDTV’s an identity all its very own.

The Real Black Drive program and 30000:1 native contrast ratio takes care of displaying details correctly. Gone are the days when you have to be contented with blacks ending up as grays on the LCD. Isn’t it time that you get to appreciate night scenes in horror movies in rich black detail? This program is efficient at displaying correct balance of light and dark. Now you are able to appreciate blockbusters with lots of dark or night scenes in them, and you will get astounding black reproductions.

Tired of blurs and judders making you miss out on intense action? Most HDTV’s have difficulties properly displaying fast-moving photos. This  is especially evident when watching sporting activities or action films. However, Panasonic’s TX-P50S10 solves that by harnessing the power of a 400 Hz LCD panel. And it doesn’t stop there: its Intelligent Frame Creation guarantees that frame-to-frame transitions are smooth and sweet.

Paired with awesome 400 Hz display, viewing sports or action-packed films will in no way give you headaches again. No more blurring. No more juddering. No more ghosting. Just sheer action-packed Hi-Def pleasure for your senses.

You no longer need to be concerned about external light reflections disrupting your game.

  • With the Anti-Reflection (AR) Filter, glare is minimized.
  • No more reflected lights about the show panel getting in the way of the viewing.
  • This HDTV also has the Anti-Reflection (AR) Filter which helps keep glare to a minimum.

You won’t have any problems with this High DefinitionTV with regards to connectivity. It has 3 HDMI inputs – 1 at the side and 2 in the rear. Dubbed as the VIERA Link, you are able to connect as many as 3 external AV devices to this HDTV. And, what’s more, you can access them using a single remote controller.

You might also want share your photos and videos in full HD high quality. Merely connect your LUMIX camera to the television to access your files. There’s also a built-in multimedia card slot, so you can share what’s on your SD card.

This High Definition TV has a large 50″ display screen panel, 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, and broad aspect ratio of 16:9.

So you see, you can have the best of HDTV at an affordable price!

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