Wall Installation Mounting Tips


It’s fairly quick to set up your LCD TV installation if you read these tips beforehand to get you started. Listed here are some of the ideas that will help you in setting up your television:

First, you will need to find a flat panel wall mount. If you are not quite sure about what to buy, here are the key types of mounting brackets on the market today:

  • LCD mounts
  • tilting mounts
  • swivel mounts

Each one has a unique set of features, therefore you will need to find out which one suits your TV and your needs. Remember to read through the guidelines that come with the mounting device, as well as your TV, so you don’t overlook something that is described in there. Furthermore, be sure that the brackets will support the weight of your new television.

Find the perfect spot for installing your television.

If you have to move the mount later on to another place you’ll have to go through the entire mounting process again. One method to decide if you have selected the right spot for your television is as simple as sitting down on your lounger and imagining watching the television from there.

Is the height at the proper level for your eyes?

Be sure that your TV wall mount installation is set on a level that is not excessive and is comfortable for your watching experience. Also, be sure that it is near any power or cable outlets, and there isn’t anything that will block your view of the TV. The television should be installed at a height that is comfy your eyes – not too high and not too low. You want to enjoy watching your television without having to strain your neck.

It’s also essential that you identify your wall studs before mounting your TV. Locating the studs will help secure your TV, and it will provide support to the weight of your TV. Additionally, it will reduce the damage to your walls, and it will help secure your TV in place in case you live in an area that experiences mild earthquakes.

Locate the studs and mark the exact location where you’ll need to drill. Secure the mounting brackets and make certain that they’re set firmly just before mounting your Television.

Lastly, find the rails attached to the TVs, and fit the rails to the TV mounting brackets.

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