iPod Television Connector: 6 Steps To Connect Your iPod

Connect Your iPod to Your TVWell now, you’ve recorded the last few episodes of CSI Miami on your iPod, but now Emily Procter’s face (not to mention the rest of her) is smaller than a thumb nail!

Don’t ruin your eyesight, don’t try to adjust to the tiny screen, merely dust off that TV set.  With an IPOD television connector, you can be watching a larger sized Emily Proctor in no time.

Yes indeed, the iPod can be connected to any modern TV with really very little exertion on your part.

Here Is a List Of What You’ll Need:

  1. An iPod that plays video
  2. An iPod audio visual cord
  3. A Television

Step 1: Here’s The Hard Part: Acquiring The Correct Cable

Make sure you have the correct iPod A/V cord. It ought to include an iPod dock connector, and RCA plugs for your TV.  Add-ons such as I mentioned can usually be acquired at any Apple establishment, or other similar establishments: such as Radio Shack.
Got it?  OK….it’s mostly downhill from here!

Step 2: Fasten the dock connector to your iPod.

Step 3: Set iPod to “TV Out”.

Step 4: Locate RCA inputs.
The RCA inputs are very easily found on your tv.  If your tv doesn’t have the correct inputs, it may be time to get an up to date TV.

Step 5: Plug AV cables to your TV.

Step 6: Program your tv to the correct input.

That’s It.  Your iPod can now be playing content via your TV..  Wow, what a relief!!!!  No more squinting at that puny screen! Your TV Viewing Is Clearly looking up!

Bear in mind , although this article is focused on the Apple iPOD, the basic instructions will work with other products.  In particular, the iPhone and iPad have similar hookup procedures.  You should refer to the official product instructions for additional assistance.

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