Are You Ready For The New 3DTV Technology?

3d technology

3D movies have been around since the 1950s, with images jumping off the screen right at you. The make you feel as if you are right there, in the movie, alongside your favorite actor. New advanced technology is taking that 3D from the big screen and bringing it right into the home, complete with new active glasses. But before rushing out and investing in one of these new sets, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to buy a 3D TV.

3D Games

Imagine playing your favorite game as the characters and scenes from the game appear around you. As your gaming character is battling away with the zombies or skateboarding on the rooftops, you’ll have the feeling you are right there beside him, enjoying the same experience. It creates a game experience like no other.

Is the New 3DTV Technology Worth Investing In?

Exploring 3d technology like the new 3DTV is stirring up interest in the entertainment industry. With its immersive viewing experience, many are wondering if it’s worth investing in. While the technology is improving, some experts argue that the high cost and limited content may not justify the investment for everyone.

3D Movies

Movie viewing at home will be an experience like no other with 3D DVDs. You’ll be immersed in the storyline, the surroundings, and the characters like ever before. And you can forget those old red and blue 3D glasses of the past. Because the new glasses are made with liquid-crystal lenses, things will be clearer and the colors more intense.

Not all the TVs with 3D will be created alike though. Some will have the option of converting standard 2D programs into 3D, allowing any program to be viewed in a three dimensional format. However, this technology is still in the infancy stage and will still need some tweaks to give it the same quality as shows and movies made specifically for 3D. The process is working now, but improvements are needed.

2D will not be forgotten though, so no need to worry that only 3D can be viewed on these new TVs. The 3D televisions will also offer 2D in the same quality as a standard 2D television. This is convenient for when the batteries on the glasses run low or run out or when there is a health condition that restricts 3D viewing.

Health Warnings

There is a warning that comes with this first generation of TVs. Basically it says children and teenagers may be susceptible to health issues associated with watching 3D. It also goes on to say that pregnant women, the elderly with medical conditions, and anyone overly tired should avoid 3D. There is also a warning about drinking alcohol and watching the TV at the same time, eliminating cold beer with sports shows shown in 3D.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to 3DTV. Among the advantages is the great experience of immersing yourself in a game or movie experience. But cost, health issues, and lifestyle all will play a part in your decision. Deciding if you are ready or not for the new 3D TVs will play a major part in their attractiveness and their necessity in your home.

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